Alfa Romeo Mito FX-R 3.0

Alfa Romeo Mito FX-R 3.0


Alfa Romeo Mito bracket adjustments

Alfa Romeo Mito D2S connector

Alfa Romeo Mito FX-R 3.0 projector

Alfa Romeo Mito Valeo H7 projector rear

Alfa Romeo Mito Valeo H7 projector

Alfa Romeo Mito xenon bracket

Alfa Romeo Mito xenon fitted in headlight




Alfa Romeo Mito 2008+

This Alfa Romeo headlight can be retrofitted with the FX-R 3.0 projector what gives a very nice light output!
These headlights are sealed with permaseal, and when it’s opened you’ll need to make a few little adjustments to fit the FX-R 3.0 projector in there.

The FX-R projectors can be ordered separate or in a complete kit.

In this video, you can see how to mount a FX-R 3.0 projector for example. It’s not always needed to mount it with extra glue of JB weld, but you can also use the mounting points on the projector!

Extra information about this Alfa:
The Alfa Romeo MiTo (Type 955) is a three-door luxury supermini officially introduced on June 19, 2008, at Castello Sforzesco in Milan, Italy with an international introduction at the British Motor Show in 2008. The car was available in all Alfa’s major markets in stages from July. The three-door hatchback is front-wheel drive and will be sold to compete with the MINI and the newer Audi A1 (source: wikipedia)

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  1. Adam

    Hey ! I am interested in a retrofit kit for my mito but this video is not for a mito headlight….
    Can you please explain a little more ?

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      The pictures do not show much, but you will need to make some modifications to fit these projectors. You could also look into fitting projectors that directly fit, most likely the EvoX-R or Bosch projector will fit directly. We’re not sure which one is manufacturer of this headlight. You can check this on the labels.

      1. Syb Zijlstra

        I will make pictures next week

        1. Ale

          Thanks Syb, i’m waiting the photos…

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