Audi A6 C6 from halogen to bi-xenon projector

Audi A6 C6 from halogen to bi-xenon projector

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Audi A6 C6

Permasealed headlight

Xenon headlight uses EvoX-R projectors. Pre-facelift model without AFS system is very easy to retrofit. Projector can be removed from rear of headlight without opening headlight. For pre-facelift models with AFS and all facelift models, the headlights need to be opened to replace the original Hella projector. The same applies to all facelift models.

The halogen headlights are H7, can are perfect for a Mini H1 install with Iris shrouds, check out the video.

To order the Mini H1 twin kit click below!


– Aharon Speedstart AMP Ballasts
– Iris shrouds
– XB35 4300 – XB35 5500K bulbs
– Version of your country
– LED position lights to match up with the new xenon lights!

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