Suzuki GSX-600 R 2007 Mini H1 RetroFit

Suzuki GSX-600 R 2007 Mini H1 RetroFit

Like most headlights from the GSX-R series, these H7 headlights require modifications to mount the projectors properly.


This was a nice performance project, a GSX-600 R headlight with 2x Mini H1 projector and Led Angel Eyes.

Suzuki GSX-600R Xenon E46-R shroud Suzuki GSX-600R Xenon 80mm XB led angle 70mm bottom Suzuki GSX-600R Xenon led angel eyes Suzuki GSX-600R Xenon projectors on Suzuki GSX-600R Bi-Xenon Suzuki GSX-600R Xenon tight projector fit

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  • Aharon slim AMP ballasts
  • Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds
  • H7 motor high beam splitters
  • XB35 4300K or 5500K bulbs for the best light output
  • T10 position lights to match the xenon color


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  1. Alek


    I have a 06-07 gsxr 600 OEM headlight that I would love to get retrofitted just like this ! Can you please email be back with info so I can get this done?

    Thanks, Alek

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Thanks for your request Alek, we replied already to your e-mail some days ago.
      Regards, Wouter @

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