Die große BMW 3er E46 Scheinwerfer Seite

BMW 3 E46 Scheinwerfer

Besitzen Sie einen BMW 3 E46 und möchten Sie genau wissen, welchen Scheinwerfer Sie haben und welche Optionen es gibt, um Ihre Scheinwerfer oder ein Scheinwerferreparaturset zu verbessern? Schau nicht weiter, denn hier erklären wir es ein für allemal.
Der BMW 3 E46 war und ist ein sehr beliebtes Auto. Mit den wohl besten Scheinwerfern für Bi-Xenon-Projektor-Nachrüstungen, da die Frontlinse einfach durch Entclipsen entfernt werden kann. Einige von uns Retrofittern wünschen, dass sie alle Scheinwerfer so entworfen haben.
Sie können 12 verschiedene E46 Scheinwerfer auf dem Markt finden, die von 2 verschiedenen Scheinwerferherstellern hergestellt werden. Wegen all der Optionen, hier ist eine Liste.

Model Manufacturer Type
E46 compact (all years) AL Halogen H7
AL Bi-xenon D2S
E46 saloon/wagon/ coupe/convertible Pre-facelift (1998-2001) AL Halogen H7
AL Single xenon D2S
AL Bi-xenon D2S
E46 saloon/wagon Facelift (2001-2005) AL Halogen H7
ZKW Halogen H7
AL Single xenon D2S
ZKW Bi-xenon D2S
AL Bi-xenon D2S
E46 coupe Facelift (2003-2006) AL Halogen H7
AL Bi-xenon

Welcher Hersteller? (ZKW oder AL)

Wenn Sie eine E46 Limousine oder einen Wagen mit Xenon-Scheinwerfern haben, werden Sie vielleicht nicht sofort erkennen, welche Scheinwerfer Sie haben, weil sie außen fast gleich sind. Aber hier ist, wie Sie es herausfinden können. Sie können den Hersteller Ihres Scheinwerfers über das Logo auf der Vorderseite des Scheinwerfers (ZKW) oder den Aufkleber oben finden;

  • Logo: Überprüfen Sie das Logo auf der Vorderseite Ihrer Scheinwerferlinse (siehe Abbildung unten).
  • Aufkleber: Überprüfen Sie den Aufkleber auf der Oberseite des Gehäuses. Ein weiß / silbernes Etikett ist ein ZKW-Scheinwerfer, ein gelbes Etikett ist AL. Verwechseln Sie ihn nicht mit dem kleineren Aufkleber, da dieser Aufkleber an beiden Scheinwerfern gelb ist.

ZKW headlight BMW 3 E46

Einzel- oder Bi-Xenon AL-Scheinwerfer?

Wenn Sie AL-Scheinwerfer haben, gibt es einen einfachen Weg, um zu sehen, ob sie Single oder Bi-Xenon sind. Die Kerben der Bi-Xenon-Version sind nicht vollständig kreisförmig, es gibt keine Kerben über dem Projektor.
Während das einzelne Xenon kleinere Projektoren hat und die Kerben auch über dem Projektor hinzugefügt werden.
Siehe dazu die Beispielbilder unten; Links: Bi-Xenon. Rechts: einzelnes Xenon.

Links: Bi-Xenon. Rechts: einzelnes Xenon.

Was zu kaufen?

Jetzt wissen Sie, welche Art von Scheinwerfer Sie haben und die Marke, Sie können unsere Lösungen hier finden;

Für den Halogenscheinwerfer (AL oder ZKW) ist dies der Bi-Xenon-Umbausatz;
BMW E46 Halogen zu Bi-Xenon
BMW E46 Halogen zu Aharon bi-xenon

Für den AL-Xenon-Einzelscheinwerfer ist dies der Bi-Xenon- Reparatur / Umbausatz;
BMW E46 AL einzelnes Xenon zu Aharon Bi-Xenon

Für den ZKW-Bi-Xenon-Scheinwerfer ist dies der Bi-Xenon Reparatur / Umbausatz/ Ersatzsatz;
BMW E46 ZKW Aharon Bi-Xenon reparatur / verbesser Kit

Für den AL-Bi-Xenon-Scheinwerfer ist dies der Bi-Xenon Reparatur / Umbausatz/ Ersatzsatz;
BMW E46 AL Aharon Bi-Xenon Projektoren

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  1. Nacho

    Hola quiero comprar xenon para mi 330cd e46 del 2003. No se cual comprar. Por favor necesito ayuda. Un saludo y muchas gracias.

  2. Nacho

    Hola de nuevo, el modelo a reemplazar es el:
    – Xenon bombilla D2s, bmw – 330d – 4puertas – e46 año 2003.
    Por favor, indique modelo a comprar o informacion que necesita.
    Muchas gracias un saludo.

  3. Graham

    The only difference I can see between the single xenon and the bi-xenon in the picture is that one has a ‚cut off‘ line across the lens, and the other does not. Or is that the ’notch‘ you are referring to ?

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      The lens is smaller of the single xenon, and the shape of the shroud is different because of that.

  4. Rob

    Hi i hope you can help, i have a European 2000 e46 convertible with bosch al headlamps and the output in terrible, less than halogen main beam. Could you please advise on what i would need to order to change the projectors are im assuming they are past it. Many thanks

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Hi Rob,
      We can certainly help, do you have the single xenon or bi-xenon headlights? Please reply to us on info@retrofitlab.com
      Thanks, Wouter @ Retrofitlab.com

  5. Javier

    Hi.I´ve got a E46 330D 2004 with ZKW Bi Xenon.Which one i need to boy?.Will it work propeerly in Bixenon mode,I mean,in normal mode and in high beam mode?



    1. Stefan

      Hi, if you have the ZKW headlights with bi-xenon function than this is the right kit for your car 🙂
      ZKW KIT

      This kit inlcudes eveything you will be needing to do a proper install! 🙂

  6. Mary Shepherd

    I have 2004 325ci vert, which headlights do I have? Last 7 of vin pl31583

    1. Stefan

      Hi, thanks for your message. I cannot tell you, sorry 🙁 Can you tell me if you have xenon or halogen?

  7. Mauro

    I have a BMW 320i e46 with xenon headlights, i can change my actual headlights (xenon) to the normal ones with no xenon?

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Probably that’s possible. Why would you want to do that?

      1. Christian

        Good morning Retrofitlab Team, I have installed your Aharon E46-r Bi-Xenon Bosch AL Design projectors and have a technical question that I urgently need an answer to. How many watts does the coil that releases the flap for the high beam consume? I would be very happy to hear from you. best regards Christian

        1. Stefan

          Hi, we replied to your message on FB chat 🙂 have a great day!

  8. Flo

    I have a BMW 3.16i E46, I would like to have LED instead of Xenon. How would you change this?

    1. Stefan

      Hi, do you have halogen headlights?

  9. Keith

    I have a 2003 330ci convertible, according to your exclamation above I have AL bi-xenon lamps, with the washers, one or the other is always out. What replacement lamps do you recommend? Also, the cost? Thanks

  10. andre

    for the e46 compact i have to use a d2s projector converted to mini h1?

    1. Stefan

      Do you already have xenon projectors? If so, than you need the Bosch E46 projectors: BOSCH E46 If you have the halogen headlights you will be needing the Mini H1 projectors: BMW E46 Mini H1

  11. lam

    Are the headlight lens from AL and ZKW interchangeable??

    In other words, is there any difference between the headlight plastic lens from of these two brands?


  12. joe Khajadourian

    Hello, I have a 2002 m3 that has halogens. The car was manufactured in 2001. Is it possible to replace the entire headlight assemblies with oem single xenon? I understand that the car will need recoding, but will it need a wire harness or will it be plug and play?

    Any info will help, thanks -Joe

  13. Terrance

    Thanks for finally talking about >The great BMW 3 E46 headlight page | Retrofitlab Blog <Liked it!

  14. Nes

    I have a 2 door convertible E46 330cd (facelift model) from 2005.
    I ordered a set of Ahron miniH1. I am now worried I ordered the wrong projectors for my car after reading all the messages above.
    Can you confirm these will fit my car?

    1. Stefan


      Can you please tell me if you have already xenon headlights or the OEM halogen headlights?

  15. david

    Hi do the headlights from an E46 facelift convertible fit an E46 facelift coupe? thx

  16. paul schuler

    I have a 2004 330i ZHP I’m wanting aftermarket headlights since my passenger headlight Xenon is burnt inside and this causes the xenon light itself to be dull and not bright, suggestions on aftermarket options

    1. Roan

      We do have a lot of repair kits for the original headlights, so you don’t need completely new headlights. Aftermarket headlights usually have a poor light output/pattern.

  17. Spencer

    Hi I have a problem with my headlights, the plastic casement has gone brittle and we can’t adjust the levels.
    Is there anywhere you can just buy a new casement and just refit my internals.


    1. Stefan

      Sorry, we do not offer spare parts for OEM headlights.. 🙁 But perhaps on Ebay?

  18. Joe fisher

    I replaced my left light xenon with another AL light and the left side of the light is straight and there is one fewer connection on the back. Any idea what fixture I received for my 2003 E46 330i ZHP?

  19. Vick

    Hello i em trying to sort uot what i need to order to rebuild my lights shame i cant post the pic here so you could fond out what i have and i could order what i need

    1. Roan

      Hi, please send us a message on info @ retrofitlab.com so we can take a look.

  20. Dawid

    Hi, I am bit confused. According to your table all E46 coupe facelift have bi-xenon? I just bought coupe facelift headlight to do a facelift conversion in my car and I think they are not bi-xenon. There is projector lens but inside there is a normal light bulb like in halogen. How can I tell if the lens itself is for bi-xenon or not? Or were they actually coupe facelift without xenon but with halogen projector (?). Or are they still bi-xenon but someone simply took out the xenon bulbs and put halogen bulb there?

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      You can not tell from the bulb if the projector is bi-xenon or not, the mechanism is in the projector not in the bulb.

      However you are correct there are also halogen headlights for the E46 coupe facelift. We have a kit for the halogen headlights as well, you can find it here.

  21. Isaiah

    I know it’s 2020 now but I had ordered a pair of halos for my 2002 325i and I had to return them because mine are hid xenon from the factory what would be some good after market lights for me?

  22. carlos

    Hola . Tengo un bmw 320d del 2004. Tengo luces xenon (o bi-xenon) d2s pero los proyectores estan „quemados“. que kit o componentes deberia de comprar?.
    Muchas gracias.

    1. Roan

      Consulte la información anterior (o utilice el traductor de Google para traducirla :-). Es importante conocer la marca, ZKW o AL y si es xenón simple o bi-xenón.

      1. carlos

        Hola Roan. Mi foco creo que es ZKW y por lo que he leido muy probablemente sea xenon, no bi-xenon. Entiendo que el único producto posible es el kit de ZKW a bi-xenon. ¿Estoy en lo correcto? Gracias.

  23. James Carlyle Smith


    I have a 2005 330ci ZHP and am trying to return the headlights back to stock. How can I tell which lights it was optioned with? To my knowledge, not all ZHP’s were bi-xenon. Thanks!

    1. Ro

      Nice car 🙂 Maybe you can find it via checking the options via the VIN number (single xenon / bi-xenon), you could also try by asking in a E46 group/forum 🙂

  24. Brison brown

    I have a 2003 325i wagon with the factory hids Is there a lot (edit: kit) to convert to halogen?

    1. Retrofitlab.com

      We do have a kit, but it is important that you know which headlight you have, the single xenon or bi-xenon, and if it’s made by ZKW or AL (bosch). In this blogpost, you can find how you can identify your version and which kit is suitable. https://www.retrofitlab.com/vehicle/bmw/3-e46/57?_lang=2

  25. Raev

    Hello! Yesterday i restored my projector lenses and I saw, that my projector are bi-xenon, but they work like just a regular xenon. I read that just need coding. Is that right? /The car is 05 E46 with AL/

    1. Retrofitlab.com

      Are you sure it is a bi-xenon version, with a shield that can move? The original single xenon version also has a shield, but it can’t move. For them to work, the wires from the solenoid should be connected. When they are bi-xenon ones, you could also use high beam splitters so you don’t have to code.
      Regarding the coding, we are not specialized in coding, so the best option for a good answer about this is to ask on a forum/Facebook group/BMW dealer :-).

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