Volkswagen Passat CC Xenon RetroFit

Volkswagen Passat CC Xenon RetroFit

Here we’ve a very OEM looking VW Passat CC retrofit.
With the Mini H1 projectors you’ve a very easy installation and the shroud looks so OEM, like it’s made especially for this headlight!


Mini H1 projectors with G37-R shrouds. Very OEM looking! 🙂

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Source: our Facebook page


Mini H1 twin kit:

– Aharon speedstart ballasts AMP (Canbus)
– G37-R shrouds for a very OEM looking
– Position light to match your Xenon low beam
– XB35 4300K or 5500K are the best on this moment
– H1 high beam splitters

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  1. Adrian Betlej

    I would be interested in buying this h1 mini, please could you tell me if its pass to Passat CC b6, year of production : 2009, Its American Version with already changed headlights for european.
    Waiting forward for you reaply
    Best Regards
    Adrian Betlej

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Probably the EvoX-R is a better choice, it should replace the existing projector directly.

  2. Eric

    What is your recommendation to up-grade from factory Hid to Xenon projector headlights (2010 Volkswagen CC )

  3. Konrad

    Can I have a link to those products. I would like to retrofit projectors and xenon to my Passat CC 2011 UK.


    1. Stefan

      Hi, Unfortunately the EvoX-R projectors are made for LHT roads (UK) Sorry 🙁

  4. Colin

    How much for the g37-r shrouds an how difficult is installation on a 2011 volkswagen cc?

    1. Stefan

      The G-37 shrouds are €29,95.. The installation isn’t very difficult but the headlight is sealed with permaseal so this can be a bit tough..

  5. Ahmet


    Zou je dit ook voor mij inelkaar kunnen zetten, als ik de onderdelen lever? (Tegen betaling uiteraard)

    1. Stefan

      Bedankt voor je bericht 🙂 Helaas bieden wij deze service niet meer aan. We hebben wel een uitgebreid dealer/installateur netwerk: Je kan één van hun contacteren met deze vraag.. 🙂

  6. Balazs Jozsef

    Dear Seller,

    I have halogen headlights on my Passat CC (2010), and I replaced the H7 halogen with H7 LED bulbs.
    I want to have a projector in front of it, so I could install this kit into my headlight.
    My question is: could I fit a H7 bulb into this projector+shrouds?

    Thnak you in advance,

    1. Stefan

      Hi, nice car 🙂 Unfortunately the H7 LED bulbs will not fit inside the Mini H1 projectors.. 🙁 we have H1 bulbs which do fit (360 degree bulbs):
      360 LED bulbs

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