Alfa Romeo GT bi-xenon projector installed

Alfa Romeo GT bi-xenon projector installed

Xenon projector mounted on Alfa Romeo GT.
De Alfa Romeo GT’s headlights are sealed with permaseal. Once the headlight is opened the installation is pretty easy. Pull the tail of the Mini H1 bi-xenon projector with the Mini Gatlin Gun shroud screwed on it, trough the reflectors hole for the H7 bulb, and fasten it with the included nut on the backside! For the best light output you can install the XB35 4300K or XB35 5500K H1 bulbs.
When don’t want the halogen orange light of the position bulb what’s always on(!!) you can select, „Yes, position lights“ and match the xenons!
With the H7 canbus high beam splitters you can connect the projector with the high beam switch inside the car. Once you turn on the high beams you’re halogen high light go on, and also the projector takes 12V were the cut of shield falls down, you’re light pattern changed and there you go: “ high beam, from the projectors“. (Double high beams, and it’s legal!).

Xenon Projector mounted on Alfa Romeo GT





Photo by Niek Leendertse


In this Alfa Romeo GT is used the:

Mini H1 twin kit
– Aharon speedstart AMP Canbus ballasts
– Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds
– XB35 5500K bulbs for the best light out put
– 5000K position lights to match up with the new xenon lights in the Alfa GT
– H7 splitter car canbus, for the high beam

Don’t forget to order the Butyl separate since the permaseal must be removed completely.


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  1. George

    Hello, please advice me, is it necessary to use – H7 splitter car canbus, for the high beam – or can I just use the bixenon high / low beam, and leave the H7 high beam bulb unused? Thanks!

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      George, you will need to use the splitter and let the H7 halogen bulb also still work. Otherwise you can’t flash the high beam, when the low beam is not switched on!

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