Ford Mondeo Mk IV / Mk 4 bi-xenon headlight repair

At we get a lot of Ford Mondeo Mk IV / Mk 4 owners that are suffering from bad light output from their original bi-xenon headlights. And they are looking for a repair of replacement kit to restore the headlight and get a good light output.
When you are also looking to upgrade the light on your Ford Mondeo Mk IV / Mk 4 headlight,  Don’t miss out on the chance to improve your lighting and safety and order one of the upgrade and headlight repair kits.

Some of the advantages of using a kit;
√ – 2 year warranty
√ – Cost effective
√ – Proven quality
√ – Easy and effective

Please read the info below. Or directly take a look at our kits; Buy_now_button_RFL

Ford Mondeo Mk IV bi-xenon headlight

The third generation Ford Mondeo Mk IV or Mk 4 was sold from 2007 until 2014. It’s a solid car, winning numerous international awards, including the best estate and family car and a lot of positive reviews in the car media. But despite it isn’t that old and al the positive reviews, the lighting technology used in this model is over 15 years old and is surpassed by new and more powerful technology. Luckily, there are upgrade kits available that will improve the light output considerably, making for safer and more enjoyable driving.

Ford Mondeo MK IV
Ford Mondeo MK 4

The problem

The main problem is the used Visteon D1S projector. This projector isn’t the worst used in the car industry, but the inside of the reflector bowl deteriorates and gets dull. The reflective layer won’t reflect anymore and light output will decrease fast.
A lot of times first the bulbs are changed (please don’t be this person after reading this information 😊), but this won’t help much, because the reflector bowl just won’t reflect the light anymore.

Ford Mondeo MK4 pre-facelift xenon headlight
Ford Mondeo MK 4 pre-facelift xenon headlight

The solutions

Although it’s not a bad idea to change the bulbs because they can lose up to 70% of their output, the best thing to replace is the bi-xenon projector and when the bulbs are old, some new bulbs like the Osram CBI are also a good investment.

So our advise is to first buy new projectors, and when the bulbs are a bit old, also some new bulbs like the Osram CBI.

For the Mondeo Mk IV we have 2 options. One with the Aharon TL-r bi-xenon projector and one with the Aharon Mini H1 bi-xenon projector. Both are solid performers, but the Tl-r requires some more modifications to mount, but you can keep using D1S bulbs.

The Aharon Mini H1 is easier to mount, but you can’t keep using the D1S bulbs. And we also advise some new AMP ballasts with this kit. The XB35 bulbs are a very good choice regarding light output and general quality. The 4300k version has a more original white wit a hint of yellow xenon color. The 5500K has a more modern white color.

The projectors are bi-xenon so the original bi-xenon function will keep working.

Both kits include the bi-xenon projectors, necessary brackets and hardware (nuts/bolts etc.).

Aharon Tl-r

Pro–> D1S bulbs can be re-used with this projector.
Con  –> The projector needs to be modified to make it fit.

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Mondeo Mk4 - 4TLR
Mondeo Mk 4 – TL-r

Aharon Mini H1

Pro –> Easy fit.
Con –> Only H1 bulbs and new ballasts are needed.

Click the button below to improve the lighting for your bi-xenon headlights with the high quality Aharon Mini H1 bi-xenon kit

Mondeo Mk4 - MH1
Mondeo Mk 4 – MH1


Both kits can be mounted from the rear of the headlight. Because of the small space and components it can be a bit fiddly, but with a bit of patience it’s very doable.
Here you can find the installation videos;

Ford Mondeo MK4 / MKIV TL-r

Ford Mondeo MK4 / MKIV Mini H1

Other lighting upgrades

LED parking/city light

We honestly hate it so see nice xenon headlights with yellow halogen city lights. So to complete thet looks and save some energy, invest in some LED bulbs to match the xenon.

LED turning signals

A really cool upgrade are LED turn signals.
√ – You don’t have a orange glow on the front when the turn signals are off.
√ – Because they are LED they are on/off and don’t fade on and off like halogen bulbs.
√ – Very bright so traffic will notice your turn signal better to improve safety.

LED High beam

To upgrade the original H7 high beam, some H7 LED high beam bulbs can be used.

!! Now you are all set to upgrade your light and impress the world !!


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  1. Kenneth Waldersløff

    Hi i have a Mondeo MK4 with poor xenon, but how can i find out what type of headlight i have?
    It use D1S bulb an a halogen for long beam.

    1. Roan

      When you have D1S, you have the bi-xenon headlight :-). Otherwise it would be halogen H7.

  2. Michael

    Top Sache! ca. 1,5 -2 Std. und man sieht wieder was 🙂

  3. Simon

    I could never dream it would be such a difference. I did have really matte reflectors before but the result is astonishing!
    I have never been more satisfied with something that was that easy to fix.

  4. G


    Do you have solution for Mondeo MK4.5 (facelift) ? I want to keep Xenon bulps.

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