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Audi A3 – Halogen to Bi-xenon Mini H1 retrofit

Audi A3 – Halogen to Bi-xenon Mini H1 retrofit

Audi A3 8P Bi-Xenon light Audi A3 8P Bi-Xenon mounted Audi A3 8P Bi-Xenon Audi A3 8P Lupe Bi-Xenon Audi A3 8P Morimoto H1 Audi A3 8P Projector Audi A3 8P Xenon

Audi A3 headlight retrofit from Halogen to bi-xenon using the Mini H1 projector.



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You’ll need the Mini H1 twin kit:
Ballasts: Aharon Speedstart Canbus AMP ballasts
Shrouds: Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds
Version of your country
Color temperature: XB35 4300 – 5500K for the best light output!
LED Position lights: Select color of your xenon bulbs to match them nicely.

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  1. Salut! de 3 inch pot sa montez sau nu au loc de oglinda de la faza lunga! ma gandeam ca asa si inelul o sa acopere mai bine oglinda de la faza scurta si sar vedea mai bine!

    1. Yes a 3 inch projector is too big. Our Mini H1 is 2,7 inch and it’s the biggest projector that can be fitted in the H7 fitting.

      Da un proiector de 3 inch este prea mare. Mini H1 noastră este de 2,7 inch si este cel mai mare proiector care poate fi montat în fiting H7.

  2. Thank you very much for responding! so i can mount a 2.5 or 2.7 inch projector! But i need your advice in choosing a perfect cover for the projector! what shroud i have to use? i dont want to remain all that empty space between reflector and projector! Thamnk you in advance!

    1. There’s not a perfect shroud so far unfortunately. You could choose a larger shroud like Apollo 3.0 and then cut it to fit nicely with the high beam reflector. It will require some modification!

  3. i own the same car a3 8p! And is very hard to chose the perfect shroud because the low beam reflector is not perfectly round! it have that cuts down and sides!

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