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Audi A6 C6 Hella EvoX-R retrofit

The Audi A6 C6 model uses Hella headlight units. The well known Hella “E55” Bi-xenon projectors are used in the xenon headlights. The design and performance of the Hella E55 projectors are not that good any more. Also it’s a know problem that after the years, the reflective layer in the projector will become dull and eventually burn. Our Hella EvoX-R projector is a perfect kandidate to replace this projector. It has the exact same mounting points, a clear lens, and differently designed projector bowl. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the video and pictures to see for yourself!

The pre-facelift model without AFS system is very easy to retrofit. Projector can be removed from rear of headlight without opening headlight. For pre-facelift models with AFS and all facelift models, the headlights need to be opened to replace the original Hella projector.

You will also need the D2S extension cables.


Feedback from a customer from Germany about the projectors:

All goods installed and wooooh -> great headlights!! Better than ever …

My wife took our 2005 Audi A6 3.0 TDI quattro to Austria for a short ski – holiday.
She was happy with the new Audi – eyes!!

Installation took me quit a time, because the shrouds didn’t want to come into their position
and the adapter – cables had to fit in the headlight case. This was not too easy …

Then it worked, but I don’t want to have that next weeks again … 😉

All together -> best solution for our AUDI!!

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  1. I did the same thing. You dont have to remove the from glass just do it from the back. My car came factory with AFS and the new headlight are non-afs. Now I’m stuck with afs error.

    1. You removed the projectors with AFS headlight without opening them? Or with your new non AFS headlights you did?

      1. I did replace both headlight afs for non-afs headlights (new housing) and I removed the projector from the back from there no problems. But now I have trouble recoding my cars to recognize there’re no longer afs module. The acl DIS keep alert me a dipped icon.

        1. Okay that explains why you could replace the projector, means that our info is 100% correct! 🙂

  2. There has to be a way (a simple one) to fool the car that it has no AFS. Or at least disable the DIS error. I can live with a DTC being shown up with VCDS scan, but i would not like to see the blinking error on the DIS.

    1. I would say that would be possible indeed, but we have no experience with that. Probably the renowned Audi forum can give you an answer to that?!

  3. I want to buy this . Howz’s performance.

  4. Hi ,this is Hong Kong. I like EvoX-R projector. Can it use D3S bulbs.
    My car Chassis No/V.I. No WAUZZZ4F2AN053123
    And about shippingcosts. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jackson, we can ship to Hong Kong, no problem. However the EvoX-R can’t take D3S bulbs without modifications, sorry.

  5. Hello, I changed new projector, EvoX R (Bi-Xenon) to My Audi A6 C6/4F and I found out that I should have an adapter to connect the wires, Where can I find them?

      1. Would a D2S extension cable not work?

        1. Yes, you are right! We will change this 🙂 Thanks!

  6. So like HannuAK after spending a lot on evox-r projectors, now you tell me I need to spend €60 more on adaptor cables? I think maybe you should make it clear in the listing… I am gutted. makes it too expensive and too much bother.

    1. Hi, yes you are right, it is a little bit confusing! We will change this, thanks!

  7. Hi
    I have a facelift C6 with Xenon (no AFS). My xenons use the D3S bulb. What lens can i replace these with? Can i replace the lens with the ZKW-R lens? And in that case, what version of the lens should i purchase?

  8. Hello i have a 2010 audi a6 with the adaptive and facelift headlights. What do I have to do to put these in my headlight unit?

    1. For pre-facelift models with AFS and all facelift models, the headlights need to be opened to replace the original Hella projector. Once opened up out Hella EvoX-R is a great replacement 🙂

  9. Hi
    My car audi a6 c6 facelift need some light….
    My headlight si AFS and led
    What si the best option ???
    Do i really need to open my headlight for the evo x2 ???

    Maybe the Lens ZKW-R is enought ??

    I want to Know please


    1. Yes, if you have the Facelift version it needs to be opened! 🙁 You can try the clear lens, but the best option is to replace the whole projector!

    2. On facelift withoit afs, the headlight dont need to be opened. it work from behind. tested

      1. Thanks for adding this!

  10. I try to open 1 facelift but its very hard….
    The headlight no facelift is easy to open it ,i dont understant…. facelift maybe more some glue inside lol

    Do you open headlight if i send it to you ??? If yes how much 😀

  11. Excuses, from the picture it is not very clear why the D2S starter is not placed back at the back of the xenonbulb, but instead the starter seems now stowed somewhere in the unit using an extension cable. How is the starter secured at its new location inside the headlightunit to prevent it from abouts due to car vibrations?

    1. The best way is to secure it with some adhesive or you can use tie-wraps for instance.

  12. Great article about the Audi A6 if anybody has not too much knowledge about the Audi A6 then they should read out this article. Also thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. So, the A6 C6 facelift headlight doesnt need to be opened as others stated, ok, good news.
    Now – Evox-R vs Evox-R 2.0:
    If Evox-R 2.0 is “effortless replacement” for Hella E55 and overall better performer than the Evox-R, why is it still recommended to go for Evox-R then? Anyone willing to shed some light on it for me please?

    1. You are correct the EvoX-R 2.0 is a better option, we’ll update the info!

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