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BMW E63 ZKW-R clear lens

BMW E63 ZKW-R clear lens

Your BMW E63 has not a clear lens, and the light output is not that good (anymore)?
Replace it with our ZKW clear lens!

The E63 2003-2010 build has a butyl headlight, what makes opening the headlight pretty easy! The Bosch E46 is a direct replacement for the whole projector. Only wanna change the lens, then you can go for the ZKW- clear lens!

Sometimes the olde reflector isn’t chroom anymore. If the reflector isn’t good anymore you can try to clean or just replace the whole projector in ones! The newer Bosch E46 bi-xenon projector is easily to mount, just unscrew your old projector and fasten the new Bosch E46 projector!

BMW E63 ZKW-R Headlight shield BMW E63 ZKW-R Headlight BMW E63 ZKW-R Bracket BMW E63 ZKW-R Xenon bulb BMW E63 ZKW-R Xenon lens

Source: Six40five on HID Planet

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