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Opel Vectra C1 Hella EvoX-R replacement

The Opel Vectra C1

You own a Opel who has already projector headlights, but halogen? You’ll absolutely have the best light output without a lot of adjustments?
The C1 has unfortunately permasealed headlights. But when they are open you can pretty easily replace the old projector. It’s also a Hella projector so all mounting points are similar.


Opel Vectra C Headlights Opel Vectra C1  Xenon shroud Opel Vectra C1 Lens Opel Vectra C1 Xenon connector Opel Vectra C1 Xenon projector (2) Opel Vectra C1 Xenon projector Opel Vectra C1 Xenon shroud Opel Vectra C1 Xenon





Source: C00kie on Opelforum



Order this projector?

You’ll need the Hella EvoX-R bi-xenon projector. Don’t forget to get yourself a set of butyl sealant since you have to remove the permaseal from the housing!
You did also need a Speedstart D2S Canbus ballast and D2S XB35 bulbs, for the best light output!

Save some money and order the Plug and Play xenon kit for cars (2 pcs) and the Hella’s separate!


On our Youtube canal you can find some videos of the light output of the Hella EvoX-R. It’s really amazing!
It’s a bi-xenon projector, what means; you will have low beam and high beam from the (HID) xenon projector.

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  1. Hello!

    Are those headlights hard to open? I have the same (AFL) model.

    1. It’s permaseal, so saying it’s easy wouldn’t be very honest 🙂 But definitely possible as you can see!

  2. Am lupe cu bec d1s pe opel vectra c din 2008.ce lupe imi recomandati?multumesc

    1. Thanks for your message, we don’t have any info about a direct replacement for this Valeo D1S projector.. Do you have some pictures of the projectors?

  3. Nu am poze cu ele,nu le-am desfacut inca,am crezut ca se potrivesc lupele morimoto d1s 3” IPH3001 la 249 lei.multumesc

  4. Mercekler C1 Vectra AFL uyumlumu

  5. Are lenses compatible for C1 AFL?

    1. As far as we know, yes they are. But the headlights need to opened up and you should opt for the EvoX-R ECE or DOT. The 2.0 will not fit nicely 🙂

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