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Renault Megane 3 Mini H1 Xenon retrofit

Renault Megane 3 Mini H1 Xenon retrofit

Rolf from Belgium did the Mini H1 6.0 retrofit on his Renault Megane 3. Very nice result!
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You’ll need the Mini H1 twin kit:
Ballasts: Aharon Speedstart Canbus AMP ballasts
Shrouds: Gatlin gun 2 shrouds
Version of your country
Color temperature: XB35 4300 – 5500K for the best light output!
LED Position lights: Select color of your xenon bulbs to match them nicely.

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  1. Hey hey.
    Great job.
    One question.
    What about the Wire harness? because in my headlights i have also an h7 bulb for hight been too.
    Witch one i have to choose? h1 splitter or h7??

    1. Thanks Pedro. The halogen high beam will still work, together with the xenon high beam. You need the H7 car splitter.

  2. Hi,

    I have a question.
    Can I send my lights to you and you make the modification for me?
    If yes, please tell me the price for both the kit with worrking houers.

    Many thanks in advanced for your answer.



    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately we don’t do that anymore.. We can only supply you with the products so you can build it in yourself 🙂

      Kind regards, Stefan

  3. Hello,

    How did you manage to mount the shrouds?

    Just recieved my kit, but the shrouds is way to big, and the projector aint in center of the headlight, which makes it very difficult?


    1. You need to trim the shroud a bit. We used a dremmel to trim it 🙂

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