Toyota Avensis T25 bi-xenon headlight repair kit

The Toyota Avensis T25 was build from 2003 until 2009. Although the Avensis won several awards and Toyota is known for it’s quality and reliability, the lighting technology used in this car is more than 15 years old. And, sorry to say, from a very poor quality. Unfortunately this is a common problem and a result of the very poor quality projectors that are used. Furthermore a poor light output can result in unpleasant rides in which you do not feel safe and an increased risk of accidents, inspection fail, high repair costs, etc.
We get a lot of questions from owners about the bad light output and if there is a solution. Fortunately, this is now effectively solved with the special Aharon projector kit from This kit will replace the burned projectors with new, improved ones. With this Toyota Avensis T25 bi-xenon headlight repair kit you will have;

  • Improved the light output
  • Reduce the chance of accidents / increase your safety
  • Get a better driving experience in the dark
  • Saves the high costs of new headlights
  • No more stress about inspection fails due to a bad light output

To help the Avensis owners with good lighting and without breaking the bank for new headlights we have develop a kit for the pre-facelift and facelift model. So when you are looking for a Toyota Avensis T25 bi-xenon headlight repair kit, see the info below!

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The problem

There is no doubt, the problem is the used projector. The inside of the reflector bowl deteriorates and gets dull/black. The reflective layer won’t reflect anymore and light output will decrease fast. A lot of times first the bulbs are changed (please don’t be this person after reading this information 😊). But this won’t help much, because the reflector bowl just won’t reflect the light anymore. And that’s why we have developed a Toyota Avensis T25 bi-xenon headlight repair kit with high quality projectors that last!

This is what the original projector looks like on the inside….totally burned, black and definitely not reflecting any light anymore….






So our advice is to first buy the Aharon kit to replace the projectors. And when the bulbs are a bit old, also some new bulbs because they can lose up to 70% of their output. For example the Osram CBI.

The solution –> Aharon Toyota Avensis T25 bi-xenon headlight repair kit

Aharon Bi-xenon Toyota Avensis T25 Tl-r kit

For both the pre-facelift and facelift models we have developed a custom kit to replace the burned out original projector with a Aharon TL-r bi-xenon projector. This  projector is very durable and has a high light output. It also takes the original bulbs, so you can keep using the original bulbs and ballasts. And because specifically designed for xenon they will outperform new aftermarket headlights. Another big improvement is the bi-xenon function. When the high beam splitters is connected, you will have high beam from the projector and the original halogen high beam bulb.

The projector is fitted to the original mounting holes with a bracket. Although it’s not a direct swap, installing the kit is quite easy. Also opening the headlight isn’t hard because it is sealed with butyl, which only needs some heat to become soft enough to pull it apart.

To further prove our statements regarding the light output, see the picture below. On top you see the original burned out projector, below the Aharon TL-r projector.
And yes, the original output looks so terrible/dangerous that it might seem photoshopped, but no it is not. The same camera settings and bulb/ballasts are used. And the picture isn’t altered. The output from the original projector is just terrible.

Toyota Avensis T25 bi-xenon headlight repair kit before after

Pre-facelift (2003 – 2006)

The kit includes the Aharon bi-xenon TL-r projectors, necessary brackets and hardware (nuts/bolts etc.).
Click the button to improve the lighting for your pre-facelift xenon headlights. With the Aharon Toyota Avensis T25 bi-xenon headlight repair kit; Buy_now_button_RFL

Installation video

Facelift (2006 – 2009)

The kit includes the Aharon bi-xenon TL-r projectors, necessary brackets and hardware (nuts/bolts etc.).
Click the button to improve the lighting for your facelift xenon headlights with the Aharon Toyota Avensis T25 bi-xenon headlight repair kit;

Installation video


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  1. Cosmin

    Hi. My car is a Toyota Avensis t25 from 2007 and i do not have any bi xenon lights but just regular ones. My question is….do you think my car can work with these BI XENON lights or not? My mechanic just told me that my car is not with bi xenon so it won’t work…what do you think? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. Cosmin

    I mean the originasl ones the car came from the factory. Also my mechanic has asked me if your bi xenon lights are CE marked so it’s legal to drive with them? Thank you for reply!

    1. Roan

      They don’t have an E approval.

  3. Delisse Christian

    My Avensis xenon headlight are now 7 yo.
    Intensity is quite low again (second set of complete lights already).
    Your repair kit seems a very good solution.
    However, I guess new bulbs are necessary too.
    What about the ballasts? A friend mechanics tells me to replace the ballasts as well… Is it absolutely needed? And what would be the price ?
    Thx in advance,

    1. Roan

      With our kit you can re-use the bulbs and ballast, no need for new ones (when the bulbs are also not old, otherwise it is advised to replace them).

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