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Volkswagen Amarok Xenon RetroFit

Volkswagen Amarok Xenon RetroFit

Some weeks ago I did this retro to the Volkswagen Amarok of a friend of mine. It took 8 hours since we started removing bumper, till we got it back on.

We had to do some trimming, because the base of where the H7 lays was to thick and we couldn’t get the projector fitted in well.

Projectors used are 4300k Mini H1 bulbs and Bullet Shrouds, that because of the size of the headlight, we didn’t had to trim them at all.

Here are the pictures, enjoy!

Volkswagen Amarok Bi-Xenon headlights Volkswagen Amarok Bi-Xenon projector in dark Volkswagen Amarok Xenon closeup Volkswagen Amarok Xenon headlights in car Volkswagen Amarok Xenon headlights Volkswagen Amarok Xenon projector on Volkswagen Amarok Xenon RetroFitting

Source: Pit_69 on HiD Planet

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