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VW Polo 9N bi-xenon projectors

VW Polo 9N bi-xenon projectors

The VW Polo 9N 2002-2005

Headlights manufactured by AL (butyl sealant) and Hella (permaseal), they have used different sealant types. Mini H1 fits perfectly in the H7 fitting.

Mini H1 projectors with Mini Gatling Gun retrofitted in VW Polo headlights

VW Polo 9N

Volkswagen Polo 9N Xenon headlight projector Mini H1 Volkswagen Polo 9N Xenon Mini H1 mounted on car

Here is used the Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds.


VW Polo 9N3

Volkswagen Polo 9N Xenon on car closeup


Here is used the GTI-R shrouds in stead of the Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds

Source: our Facebook page

We’ve make a instruction video as well for the Polo. Check it over here!

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Mini H1 twin kit

– Aharon speedstart AMP canbus ballasts
– Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds
– XB35 4300K or 5000K bulbs for the best light output
– H1 high beam splitters

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  1. olá, tem alguma foto de farol de Polo 9n ou 9n3 com o shroud GTI? se tem que cortar algo? obrigado

    1. We only have a picture with the Mini Gatlin Gun, sorry!

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