Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems. These days there are a lot of people who put a simple plug & play xenon kit in their halogen headlight housing in an attempt to improve night vision and looks of their vehicle. In fact they don’t realize that their headlight beams are often worse than before. Night vision achieves relatively little improvement on night vision because of a poor beam pattern, which increases the blinding of other road users. This is because their headlight housings are designed for halogen and not xenon.

A true Bi-Xenon projector update is now possible for your car. Such an upgrade will significantly improve your light output from 700-2100 lumens to 2800 and 3500 lumens, without blinding other traffic with glare from your headlight. Upgrade your headlight OEM style!

The latest high power Led bulbs will upgrade both the exterior and interior lighting system of your car. Led lighting is becoming more and more popular in the automotive market for obvious reasons. They have longer lifetime, use less energy and improve safety with their fast response time.

Our goal is to offer you the best parts to retrofit the lighting system of your car. We are constantly in the process of sourcing down the latest and the best products in the market.

We are based in the EU and we focus on car and motorcycle enthusiast the European market. We ship daily to customers on our continent and worldwide. We believe that reliability and service are most important to run a successful business.Β  When you are not sure where to start, we are happy to help you out! Send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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  1. Daniel

    I am a the owner of a 2007 opel corsa and I would like to retrofit xenon projectors on it.

    I currently live in spain and I would like to know if fitting those projectors on an halogen headlight doing the proper modifications is completely street legal in the european union.

    Also, spanish road laws are quite more restrictive, forcing yo to perform and engineering project and analysis to perform mayor modifications on road cars. Having said that, how much information do you have about doing these kind of retrofitting in the european union?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

    Best regards

    1. Wouter

      Sorry for the late reply, but as far as I know, fitting the Mini H1 with halogen bulbs is street legal in Spain, we had at least one other customer from Spain who did that. We can’t speak for the EU as regulations are different in every country. For Netherlands for example it’s okay with inspection when you have a good cutoff (either halogen or xenon doesn’t matter).
      Any questions, please send us an e-mail!

  2. Mark

    Which kit can is use for an opel insignia to go from halogen to bi-xenon

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Hi Mark,

      Just send you an e-mail πŸ™‚

  3. Javier

    I Want to install a bi-xenon kit Audi A6 C5 B4 (year 2003 Spanish) with H7 halogen bulbs kit.

    Kit that need?

    Thank You.

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Hi Javier, we have a kit available for your car, please contact us by e-mail for the Audi A6 C5 kit! If possible, make some pictures of the internals of your headlights, so we can see the exact version you have.

  4. Arjan uut Pekel

    Hey folks!

    I’m currently looking around for an Alfa GT, but i’ve seen one pretty one without HID’s.
    Now i was wondering, what kind of projector kit would you recommend.
    And ofcourse what shroud would look mostly OEM.

  5. Clarke Davey

    Hi guys, I have a 2004 mk1.5 focus and was wundering if a mini projector would fit the headlight? I ask this because not sure if would because of the side light being close? Any advice much appreciated, thanks.

  6. Beste,

    Ik zou graag in de koplamp van mijn Yamaha FJR 1300 motorfiets Xenon projectoren installeren. Ik ben alleen wat huiverig voor het “bakken” van de koplampunit. Hebt u enig idee of ik voor mijn model (bj 2002) nog een vervangende koplamp unit kan verkrijgen? In geval de bak-actie mislukt?

    Alvast hartelijk dank voor uw reactie!

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Jeroen van Dommelen

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Bedankt voor je bericht. We hebben toevallig nog een FJR koplamp hier liggen! Deze is al omgebouwd. Mocht je daar interesse in hebben stuur ons even een mail op



  7. Gijs


    Ik zou graag mijn koplampen van m`n Seat Ibiza 6j (2009) willen vervangen door Xenon. Gezien de mogelijkheid er is om dat gelijk te doen middels xenon projectoren vroeg ik me af wat hiervoor nodig is en of dit zelf te monteren is. En zijn er eventueel mogelijkheden om dit alles in te laten bouwen. Het betreft in ieder geval de Seat Ibiza met h7 dubbele koplampen.



    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Hallo Gijs, bedankt voor je bericht. Voor de Ibiza 6J zijn de Mini H1 projectors goed geschikt. Zie voor een voorbeeld deze blog, Seat Ibiza 6J Mini H1 projectors.

      De Mini h1 twin kit is een complete kit. Verder zou je nog butyl nodig hebben om de koplamp weer dicht te maken.

      Wij kunnen ook eventueel voor je inbouwen, zie retrofit service op onze website.

      Als je nog vragen hebt kun je ook mailen naar

      Groet, Wouter @

  8. Paul Weaver

    Hi, Do you do a xenon upgrade kit for Audi A6 1.9 tdi (2004). Car has standard projector type headlights currently.


    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Yes we do, sent you an e-mail with the kit and prices. Thanks Paul.

  9. Jukka

    Hi, I have Vectra B with OEM (mono)xenon lights. What could be the best suitable Bi-Xenon upgrade kit for it? The original one is D2S type.

    Thanks, Jukka

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Hi Jukka, most likely we will have a solution. Could you send us some pictures of the internals of your headlight? Just remove the bulb cap and try to get the projector in the picture πŸ™‚ Then send them to and most likely we can help you out. Thanks!

  10. Gabrial Davies

    Hi are you able to retrofit 2005 Volvo XC90 with projector bulbs. Also do I need to provide the Headlights. I am in the US too. Thank you.

  11. David Kara

    Hey there Retrofitlab,

    I really loved the video about the w211 E-class projector change and decided to do it on my own car. I have the tools I’ve already did similar stuff, etc… Long story short: I’m confident. The only thing I don’t really understand is the ballast part and the error signal generator: which you don’t really explain in the video but I’ve read about them in different forums.
    I have w211 e320cdi T from 2004 with bi xenon headlights… Obviously with poor-poor lightning quality what do I do? I know from your video that I should change the projector, perhaps the blubs, but what else? Do the watts match up? Do I need this error blocker or my factory equipment fits my needs?
    Thanks for your answer,

    1. Retrofitlab - Wouter

      Hi David, you need the EvoX-R projectors, and D2S to AMP adapters, and AMP to D2S adapters. The adapters work as extension cables between the original Hella ignitor and the bulb in the projector. You you can still use all your original xenon equipment. No error blocker or whatever needed πŸ™‚

  12. Greg

    Golf Mk VI with halogens in US 2.5L…I want to do the retrofit however my research indicates that halogens on MKVI are perma sealed which means baking method wont work in order to open them up.
    How to retrofit these lights to projector?


  13. Jacopo Rossi

    I have a suzuky swift 2016,do you have complete hid headlights ready to be installed on my car?
    Thank you

    1. Stefan

      Hi, unfortunately we don’t have complete headlights. We only have the projectors and xenon bulbs for building it in yourself.

  14. Volkan Kose

    I have a passat cc of year 2008 with original halogen headlights. I would like the oem look bi xenon but now I wonder if I buy 2 xenon headlights and change the plugs will pass that? or is there a bi xenon kit to change the halogen headlights to bi xenon lens headlights?

  15. Mike


    I have a UK T180 2008 Toyota Avensis estate – i see you have a kit for the t25 but will it fit the t180 please ?


    1. Stefan

      Sorry, this headlight is different. We are not sure how the original projector looks like..

  16. Dave

    Good morning. I have a 2004 A6 C5 in Spain with very low light output. It comes with single xenon from factory. Which one should I buy? I don’t mind if it’s xenon or bixenon, I just want to improve the low beam (I think my reflectors are completely blacked).

    1. Stefan

      Thanks for your message :)You are sure your headlights are single xenon? As far as we know the facelfit version only comes with a bi-xenon headlight.
      Please check this before you order πŸ™‚ audi a6-c5 vehicle page

  17. Andy Le

    I have 2007 Audi A4 with Bi-xenon equipped and now I want to change to Mini H1 projectors. Is that possible ? I see that you guys have that the retro-quik for B6 but not for B7. This is in America !!!

    1. Stefan

      Yes we do have a nice kit for your car: LINK

  18. paul lynch

    hi looking to see about a kit for a English Yamaha FJR 2008

  19. Marc Keizer


    Is er een xenon ombouw set voor mijn Honda CBR 929 RR uit 2001 beschikbaar?



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